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 Immortality's GM Application

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PostSubject: Immortality's GM Application   Immortality's GM Application I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 18 2010, 22:43

Real Name:Victor Gilliard

Name Key:V pimpin

Name Game:~/Immortality\~

Why do u want to be a GM?: I would like to be a GM, because some of the GMs that you have currently are rarely on. They are literaly no help to us at all. I would like to show everyone what a good GM actually is. Unlike the other Gms on weekdays I would be on from 3:45pm to 12:00pm and on weekends I would be on all day. Really I just want to be a GM to help other people when all the other GMs are not online, AFK, or not available at the moment. I am never AFK unless it is something very important. Some of the GMs just log on and go AFK as soon aas they get there which is not right at all. I would never do something as ignore someone who is in need of my help or assisstants.

Why Should u be a GM?: I want to be a GM because some of the other GMs are not doing their job the way they should be doing them. They slack off all the time which is something that i can't do when im on duty. I also want to be a GM to earn more experience about all games in byond. I think that I am a big help when it comes to someones I would try to the best of my abilities to enforce all the rules to the fullest extent. Most people on the game love to curse and disrespect people but when I become a GM (if I become GM) that will just have to stop.....

Experience as GM (it dont care u put that u ever be a gm or some Games where u was gm,we can take gms with experience or gms noobs..)
What can u help u in the game?: To tell you the truth......I have never been a GM since I first started playing byond. I think it would be a good contribute to my status if I was a GM......LOL.

What GM level do u think that u can have?: I dont really care which GM level i get. It really doesnt matter what I put because in the end you make the ultimate decision on what level to give me.....

How long have u been playing the game?: I have been playing this game for a month and a half now and It is a very good game that i would hate to see it go down.

Thank you for all of your time and consideration for the readings of my GM application..... I really do hope that I become a Gm.... Once again.. thank you for your time...LOL
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PostSubject: by the power invested to me your are now a GM   Immortality's GM Application I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19 2010, 21:13

ur a gm now
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Immortality's GM Application
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