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 My GM application

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My GM application Empty
PostSubject: My GM application   My GM application I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09 2010, 21:18

Real Name:Adam (Avery)
Name Key:Reign95
Name Game:Taka
Why do I want to be a GM?
I want to be a gm so i can help the game i have great ideas and i want to use them to further this game's status and popularity.

Why Should I be a GM?
I don't know why i should really you could probably find someone way better than me i just hope that they are as interactive and bright as me and on as much so the "Incident" before will not be repeated.

Experience as GM

I've truly only been a gm once on naruto shinobi warriors and i was a temp hired by the owner because of the system admins lack of helping the normal players i've hosted several games and i really think i did my best and helped them

Thank you. That is all.
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My GM application
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