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 GM Application

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PostSubject: GM Application   GM Application I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25 2010, 20:10

[center]Sora (silvester123456)
[left]Reason why you want to be on Staff: I don't really care if ppl know who i'm.... i just want to be a Admin so i can help with the game ^^

Reason why we should hire you: the reason would be that i can icon any thing u guys want me to ^^.

What can you contribute to the game: i Can help with the AFK or i can host 24/7 if i'm allowed i guess Smile.

Past Experiences:I'm GM in DBZ Heros United, DBZ united Heros, Naruto GOA (not GM only The Hokage), i was GM in Bleach Las Nochas but i puit cause if a gay game >>...,,, ok i'm GM in Bleach Eternal Abyss.Bleach Lost Vaizard, and going to be in Lost Souls... let see wat else Smile huh.... um oh yea i have a Game but it shuts down every 10:00 and the Max player i take is 90 and on Monday and Sunday i take 200 and i never reached to 200 only 120 ??..... ok i know how to icon any thing like Espada maybe or all 14 masks on Espada....

References:Other things or people that met want to support you in getting GM: Um i would say Blank would say yes but i'm not going to put words in other peoples months soo idk really. um lets see Naka.Mai.Dark Ichigo, Arlxuis, Kash, And other people that i don't feel like saying there names xD...

thats my Post for Gm and i hope you guys like it... santa rendeer alien affraid Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil What a Face clown Very Happy Sad Surprised Shocked sunny Basketball lol! lol! lol!
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GM Application
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