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 Kantaru Gm APPlication

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PostSubject: Kantaru Gm APPlication   Kantaru Gm APPlication I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 08 2010, 01:38

What is your in game name? Captain Kantaru,Captain Of Squad Nine

How long have you played on Bleach? Roughly 10 days

What is your average daily playing time? 20/7

Where do you live? (Fluent English Required) Alaska,USA

What hours do you normally play and please indicate time.8:00AM-4:00AM,,,,,,,,but I'm going back to school soon so its going to be restricted to a later and smaller time.

How many different classes have you played on and what classes where those and what levels on each?i have played on 3 players.
1:Kantaru,Vaizard level 8 million (006)
2:Kantaru,Shinigami level 1.7 million (006)
3:Captain Kantaru,Captain Of Squad Nine level 2163579904 (009)

How old are you? 14

Do you have past experience as a GM?Yes a level 3 Gm on A DBZ game known as called Dragonball Fantasy 2

If so, which servers have you worked as a GM?On 2 of the servers.

I don't think this is a good application so I'm asking for 1-3 GM Thx for ur time =)
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Kantaru Gm APPlication
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