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 Mik's Application

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PostSubject: Mik's Application   Mik's Application I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20 2010, 07:30

Real Name:Steffen Langeland
Name Key:Koudoi
Name Game:Mik
Why do u want to be a GM? I want to be a game master because when i see them, its always some who is good and some who actually just abuses. i would like to make this game better by helping lost players, fixing error's or problems. after all, gms is there to control the behavior of the players, and help if its a problem.
Why Should u be a GM?I should be a gm because i think i would make a good example, with good spelling, etc.
Experience as GM I have been a head gm at a game called Bleach: Dirge of Chaos,Bleach game which is down now (Head gm)
also, an naruto game where i was an assistant gm.
What can u help u in the game?i can help with various tasks, which hovers around pictures for the enter screen (you know, the "NEW,LOAD screen)
What GM level do u think that u can have?If i assume its GM lvl 1-6, i would think about 3-6.
How long have u been playing the game? I have been playing this alot before, but it wasnt long ago i started again.
Yours Sincerly, Mix/Mik.
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Mik's Application
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