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 Kurai Kuromoto's Gm App

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PostSubject: Kurai Kuromoto's Gm App   Kurai Kuromoto's Gm App I_icon_minitimeFri May 07 2010, 22:13

Real name: Joshua
Key Name: Eliteown
IGN: Kurai Kuromoto
Why Should you be a GM?: I like helping ppl and im on everyday watching over players, also inviting my friends to this game to increase the fanbase.
Experience as GM: I was lv 2 gm in Bleach Unleashed Bankai ( back when blank was on the staff and lv 4 gm) and Naruto Hidden Shadows lv 1 gm
What can you help u in the game?: I cn learn a lot of things like coding, iconing, hosting, and also being a GFX artist
What GM level do you think you can be?: Lv 2 gm or Lv 3 gm if im lucky, also wouldn't care if i was lv 1
How long have you been playing in the game?: i think maybe a month and a half lost track since i was on everyday
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Kurai Kuromoto's Gm App
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