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 GM application form

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PostSubject: GM application form   GM application form I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 23 2010, 16:00

Dear owner my key is killerheat and my name in game is Usmaan. You may know me for asking to become a vaizard knight and i asked if i can become gm and you told to write in the forum. So dear owner may you plz make me gm i am strong in the game. I am capable of keeping harmony within the game and make sure there is not any problems wen u are not online. I am friendly and help all noobs with ahat ever request they want. I even sometimes die so they can train and become stronger to make the game more popular. If i become gm i will continue this on and do more. so the game goes even better. Can u plz mke me gm plz plz.

Thank for your time.
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GM application form
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