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 CookiiE MaN Crookz Gm Application

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PostSubject: CookiiE MaN Crookz Gm Application   CookiiE MaN Crookz Gm Application I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 02 2010, 18:06

In Game Name: CookiiE MaN Crookz

Key Master Demon7

Why Should You Become Gm:I think i should become Gm on this game because I am a kind person really chill.Only time I would get mad is if someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing or if they are really being annoying and doing it on purpose just to bug people.I use my powers appropriately an I don't abuse.If I caught someone abusing there Gm powers I would tell them why I think they are abusing then tell the Owner for He/She to deal with.Same for regular players except I would try to deal with the problem by myself and if it gets too out of control ill tell ether a higher level Gm or the Owner and if it continues BAN.Make friends easily.If I go Afk its usally beacuse i have to help my mom with my brother

Past Experience:I have a lot of experience in being a GM because I've been a Gm in 5 or 6 games so far.So I understand how everything works.

How long have you been playing the game?: I've been playing the game for about a month or 2 now on for like about 2 3 hours because i have school always getting work to do.
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CookiiE MaN Crookz Gm Application
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