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 How to become Vaizard Tutorial

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How to become Vaizard Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: How to become Vaizard Tutorial   How to become Vaizard Tutorial I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28 2010, 10:35

To become vaizard you have to become shinigami and pick any squad and zanpaktou which you want(suggest melee because you get attack and defense boost with masks)

Afther that you have to get lvl 1.5million and talk to shinji.

You have only 1 chance and if you fail remake because you dont have luck something like this will pop up You have failed to obtain hollowification.

If you sucsesfull obtained hollowification you will have to defeat inner hollow or you will have to go throu 3 test I aint sure yet though I rmk 3 times and didnt got vai.

Shinji Location:Hospital just right to the quillow trainer(Dont go in vaizard house because it is locked)

Shinigami Trainer Location:Near shinji in hospital or you could go in SS and find him in school there
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How to become Vaizard Tutorial
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