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 Zexion's GM apply

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Zexion Kira

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PostSubject: Zexion's GM apply   Zexion's GM apply I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 27 2010, 09:19

Real Name:Krunoslav

Name Key:Ocnjak20,Scytheone

Name Game:Hitotsu

Why do u want to be a GM?I like the server and I would like to keep it clean from abusers like SZ killers,bug abusers,hackers,spammers plus i know that server coding very well.

Why Should u be a GM?Well I know how to icon pretty good.I was icconing for servers like yours which had near same coding but not same mapping.Base is easy to icon.

Experience as GM (it dont care u put that u ever be a gm or some Games where u was gm,we can take gms with experience or gms noobs..)I was 3x owner on bleach games(Bleach Huenco Mundo,Bleach Return of the kings key and bleach return of the kings key 2),Master admin,and GM lvl 2 on one bleach game I forgot which it was ^^

What can u help u in the game?As I have said I can Icon pretty well,I am good person I like to help other people and deal problems inside of game and I respect rules

What GM level do u think that u can have?I dont know that is for you owners and co owners so you decide ^^

How long have u been playing the game?Well to be sure I dont know I think I am playing it for over one week or more.
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Zexion's GM apply
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