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 Mikes GM app check it out!!

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Mikes GM app check it out!! Empty
PostSubject: Mikes GM app check it out!!   Mikes GM app check it out!! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 26 2010, 23:29

Real name:Michael Clark


IGN: Mike

Why you want to be gm?:i want to be a gm so i can aid the current gms in keeping order.

Why should you be a gm?:i should be gm because i will not give exceptions unless its a gm higher then me but thats understandable.

What can i do to contribute?:i am learning how to work byond coding and iconing.

What gm level do you think you should have?:i think i should have gm level any were between 2-4.

How long have you played this game?:i played this game about a week.

Experience as a gm:i gmed on bleach shikai wars
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Mikes GM app check it out!!
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