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PostSubject: Zantru For Gm   Zantru For Gm I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 26 2010, 21:56

Real Name: Darrell
Name Key: Dizzy1
Name Game: Zantru

Why do u want to be a GM? Why i would like to be Gm Well i would Enforce the rule of the games when the owner not on and to help it improve n have more people join

Why Should u be a GM? im a great person i have a certain level of iconing and i listen real well............Well i have been Gm for Couple Game some are Currently or Forever Down but i was a Gm for Naruto vs sasuke final battle,Naruto Hebi Takeover,Bleach into the darkness,and naruto reincarnated shinobi

What can u help u in the game? i Can help From Spammers,Hackers,Rule Breakers and Bring Fun to the game

What GM level do u think that u can have? i Would love to have a level 2 and if you like what i do u can level me up

How long have u been playing the game? you can say i Just Started
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Zantru For Gm
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