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 Hekei gm application

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PostSubject: Hekei gm application   Hekei gm application I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 22 2010, 21:36

Real name: Jordan

Key: Hekei

IGN: (Cold ice mage gray) Hekei
^ kensei added that in

Why you want to be gm?: I like responsibility and i always end up helping people weather i like it or not so i figure i mite as well aply for a gm spot since i figure i will play this game pretty consistantly from now on.

Why should you be a gm?: Well like i said i have been a gm so i know how to handle things. I am a good person and i feel that i can do my job with out being favorable to one person or another. I like the current staff so i wont make trouble and i dont get attitudes like alot of people on these games.

What can i do to contribute?: Im not that good at any thing on the computer so that is not avalible but i can come up with ideas pretty decently. I can also bring my vibrant and sexy personality to the game. jocolor

What gm level do you think you should have?: i think i should have lvl 2 powers because I could care less how much athourity i have compared to other gm's and i feel like i can still do my job adequttely with this lvl.

How long have you played this game?: Counting today about 3 days lol. This may seem short but hey i like the people and i have played this game once or twice for a few minutes here and there and i dont plan to quit any time soon.

Experience as a gm: I have been a GM on Bleach Life (though this was back in the day.) And A Halo game that i forgot about (back in the day) so i have decent expiriance and i am not afraid to use the boot.

plz consider me and thanks for the fun dayz cheers
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Hekei gm application
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