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 Gm app by Lord NovaKi

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Lord NovaKi

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PostSubject: Gm app by Lord NovaKi   Gm app by Lord NovaKi I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 21 2010, 22:13

Real Name : Robert E Opachinski,Jr
Name Key: NovaRobertKi
Name Game:Lord NovaKi
Why do I want to be a GM:I like to help people, and i like to up hold the rules and make the game for people fun and easy
Why Should I be a GM: i gm on 3 games on byond 1x dbz and 2x Bleach but all no longer on byond there but i think i be handle gm for your staff
How long have u been playing the game: 4 days
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Gm app by Lord NovaKi
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