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 MrNobody's Application

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PostSubject: MrNobody's Application   MrNobody's Application I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 20 2010, 01:20

Real Name: Matt Lewis

Name Key: bripam11

Name Game: MrNobody

Why do u want to be a GM?
The only reason to become a GM in the first place is to enforce the rules and make the game fun for everyone

Why Should u be a GM?
There is really no Reason to why i should be one, i feel like thats up to others

Experience as GM.
I Was a GM in, Bleach: The Shikai Wars, Dragonball Dark Apocalypse, Dragonball Final, and Naruto: Rising Ninja

What can u help u in the game?
Well to be truthful, i will help with anything i am asked with

What GM level do u think that u can have?
I Will Take Any Lv you Feel i Should have

How Long have you played this game?
About 6 Weeks lol
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MrNobody's Application
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