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 Airesic's Gm application

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PostSubject: Airesic's Gm application   Airesic's Gm application I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19 2010, 04:29

Before i begin i just want to say something. Every application here was very nice
but they only did it for a little while. Like some ppl wrote : i will be on from 3pm
to 12pm or something like that. They did that 4 or 5 times, and that was it. They were afk aswell. All they wrote was all talk. Im not well know, or cool, but when i ask a question to a Gm, when he is one, its not answered.

Game name: Kentcero

Byond account name: airesic

Reason for being a Gm: Now some of these Gm app's are just for to be well know, helping a friend, or boost. I like this game so i want to help. Now, what do people really need help with? Two things FAQ'S and bugs. Scine i know the game from top to bottom i can help people with that. I asked alot of questioned, (which was not answered) and i had to figure it out my self. Now im not saying i will be on all day everyday, i got a life. So the times i will most be on is moslty the weekends, week days from 3pm to 1pm
but moslty from 3pm to 10pm. I might be afk, for a few mins cause i might eat, os something like that.

Now this doesnt sound all that great but, im not lieing, like some of these
apps here. But wen i am on, i will do my best to help.

What i would do: To help the game get big, i will put videos on youtube saying how good the game is, because theres a lot of byondfd games bsides ours, so ill make ours better. Im good with computers , so ill make the bst video i can, with my video editor.

To end this, i will be very happy to be youre Gm, if im not one, thank you for reading it anyway.
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Airesic's Gm application
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