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 My GM Application

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TaySean Sosuke

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PostSubject: My GM Application   My GM Application I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 19 2010, 02:08

Real Name: TaySean

Name Key:TaySean Cloud

Name Game: Sosuke Sennin

Why do u want to be a GM: I feel like some of the current gm is not yet ready to be a gm (which was previously kickoff/banned). I want to be able to help the people /players. and from what i seen relieve some of the stress off some of the currents gm's. Want to help the game any way and the best that i can.

Why Should u be a GM:wish to provide service where its needed, what ever it may be. I have had that power before so i wont abuse my power. I enjoy helping people, don t mind stopping what I'm doing to help benefit the game. Really just want to help and relieve some of the stress on the server.

Experience as GM: Naruto: Last one Done Number one Unpredictable Ninja, 3 other naruto games that are no longer provided, along with being an enforcer on 2 different naruto games. Bleach The Curse of The Shinigami Temp.

What can u help u in the game: I'm up to learning new things. whatever i can not bring to the table on my own i would try to learn so i can do more. Beginner iconner.

What GM level do u think that u can have: 5

How long have u been playing the game: maybe a month or so
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My GM Application
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