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 GM applications

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PostSubject: GM applications   GM applications I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 18 2010, 20:29


Name Game:Sousuke

Why do u want to be a GM:I want to be a gm becouse i like to help poeple when other gms are not online to help them.

Why Should u be a GM:I want to be a gm becouse i like helping poeple and i will never ignore a player.

Experience as GM:Ive been admin on naruto kyuubi vengeance, co,owner for a shaman king game, enforcer for a yu-gi-uh game and a lvl 4GM a DBZ game which is gone now.

What can u help u in the game:I can help with anything you need me to help with.

What GM level do u think that u can have: I can have any lvl GM you want to give me:)

How long have u been playing the game:
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GM applications
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