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 Aian's GM application

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Aian's GM application Empty
PostSubject: Aian's GM application   Aian's GM application I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 17 2010, 00:39

Key: Warrior3124

In game name: Aian

Experience: I have been GM for 4 other games. Bleach: Anime Fusion, Bleach Soul Punisher, Naruto Way of the Ninja, Reborn (was also host).
Reason to be GM: I am a very active player, and I am almost always on. I am never AFK. I have very good GM experience and know Gm rules very well, I am a very helpful person as much as I can be and if I don't know something I will find out what the person need to know. If you could ask previous players from the mentioned games i have been GM for they would say that I was a very good GM and very helpful, although that cant be proven you would have to trust me on it, which brings me to my next portion that I am very trustworthy and I know when to mind my own business and when to interfere. So in conclusion I think it e fun to be a GM for Bleach the Curse of the Shinigami, and I would be a very active helpful player, besides whats the point in being GM if your AFK a lot. I would also like to add that I don't abuse GM powers, such as, Booting/banning/muting people I don't like, excessive GM room training(I understand a little bit of GM training now and then, but there can be to much, or acting like I'm better than other people cause of GM, because Im not and that cause problems and gives te game a bad reputation. =]
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Aian's GM application
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