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PostSubject: GM APPLICATION!!!!!!!! BY KENSEI!!   GM APPLICATION!!!!!!!! BY KENSEI!! I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 15 2010, 15:44

May I have GM status?
My Player is Kensei and my account is Steadymobbin
I think i should get GM status cause i often help people in this and many other games.
I was once a GM in DBZ Dark Apocalypes.

Things I would Do as a GM:
1. I would try to make the game better for everyone! I like helping New people who are having troubles. Ask lady Savage. I taught her how to OOC. she wud always use say to talk to people, when she meant to talk to someone all the way across the game! lol

2. I make friends, and try to avoid enemies. When i say this, i dont mean i avoid fights like a coward. I mean i try my best not to piss people off and kill them for spite. Maybe i'll kill them for fun, but not cuz i dont like them.

3. I wanna be like the GMs who help people. GMs are often looked up too. I like that. I want to be someone who is admired. I like the way most GMs would help even in the middle of doing something for themselves. When i had trouble with obtaining my shikai, bankai, and Viazard, a GM helped me each time. My shikai was already active, My bankai i needed to relog into the game, and Vaizard req. a lvl of 1.5 million. Heck, a GM recommended what i should post on this applications.

These are the reasons i feel i should be a GM.
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