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 Phoenix's GM Application

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Phoenix's GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Phoenix's GM Application   Phoenix's GM Application I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 26 2010, 21:35

Key: NejiUzumaki23

IGN: Phoenix

Age: 14

Past Experience: Coder for Bleach Advance(Gaming Inc.), Host, Mapper
Owner for numerous Bleach games such as Bleach Unleashed Bankai, Bleach: Darkness Within, Soul Slayers, Naruto; Rise of the Legends, etc.

nfo: I'm not going to brag about how i'm going to be a great GM, etc., etc. I'm writing this app because I believe that i can help this game as a GM. I follow the rules, as stated on the HUB. I am also a coder an will always get the job done if hired. I may not be 24/7, but I can also host.
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Phoenix's GM Application
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