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 Here i am!! James's GM APP! You can now applaud!

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PostSubject: Here i am!! James's GM APP! You can now applaud!   Fri Apr 02 2010, 04:51

Real Name:James
Name Key:Jamesray203
Name Game:Ryuu
Why do u want to be a GM?To help players and help the game by enforcing rules.
Why Should u be a GM?Because i am expirianced and willing to punish anyone who breaks a rule according to what they've done.
Experience as GM (Bleach Saints of Time, Naruto Saints of Time, Dragonball Z Saints of Time, Bleach Rise of the SS,Bleach Darkness Awakens)
What can u help u in the game? Enforcing rules, contributing ideas, and I am a hub artist.
What GM level do u think that u can have?1-5 anywhere in between that
How long have u been playing the game?Honestly I just joined.
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Here i am!! James's GM APP! You can now applaud!
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