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 Max Kuchiki app

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Max Kuchiki

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PostSubject: Max Kuchiki app   Sat Feb 27 2010, 14:14

Real Name:Max

Name Key:killmee Very Happy

Name Game:Max

Why do u want to be a GM?because i like to help out with the game and to help people

Why Should u be a GM?because i like the game and been playin for about a month Wink

Experience as GM i was a GM ? co owner on naruto akatsujki legends (game went down though) Sad

What can u help u in the game?i can be a moderator or a back up host Shocked

What GM level do u think that u can have? any Twisted Evil

How long have u been playing the game? for about a month
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PostSubject: Re: Max Kuchiki app   Sun Feb 28 2010, 12:52

mm ill se what i can do son Very Happy

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Max Kuchiki app
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