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 GM application by Lars Alexander

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PostSubject: GM application by Lars Alexander   Wed Feb 17 2010, 00:41

Real Name:Edwards Tirado

Name Key:Pzyc0

Name Game:Lars Alexander

Why do u want to be a GM?The reason i would like to be a GM is because all of the current GMs are rarely ever active.Because of that everyone gets irritated because the GMs arent there and there bugged or the dont understand something other players cant explain.i would help out allot because i myself know all the problems these players go through because i myself went through that

Why Should u be a GM?i would never ever abuse power and i could even help the other GMs that have all these issues coming at them so the other GMs could could have a breather.Another thing i would do as gm is host FAIR tournaments for the things people want like fair boost and race resets.I would make sure the are fair by excluding people with all these health and attack and crazy boost so the wont win another one to make them irritable to play with.I would also end up being a nice gm.

Experience as GM Actually i was GM on this game for a temp amount of time

What can u help u in the game?What i can help is people who are bugged answer questions and stuff like that. even if you dont Make me GM i could reccomend this game to everyone i really like it.

What GM level do u think that u can have? around 4 i say i dont really need crazy power just enough to help people out.(if u wanted me to say whatever you give me i tell the truth im the person that says what they mean and means what they say sorry)

How long have u been playing the game? ive been playing the game for about two weeks now

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PostSubject: Re: GM application by Lars Alexander   Fri Mar 05 2010, 20:43

fuck this gay ass game forget it
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GM application by Lars Alexander
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