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PostSubject: GM APPLICATION JIN (CRACK HEAD)   Mon Feb 15 2010, 16:13

im here to apply for gm im am a very good person but im not a push over i know the gms well(KON,ALUCARD)i can relate to how the feel and react, i have pass experince being a gm on (bleach rise of the oblivion,bleach rise of the shinigami,
naruto end of the world,naruto reborn ninja,dragonball gt the legend)there are also some great ppl on there who deserve gm as well i dont like to take the spotlight ill be the man in the back ground makin someone else look better like kensi or riku(CHRIS) there both good and responsible love the game and me and riku(CHRIS) would make a great teamin being gms it dosent matter wat lvl of gm we get qwe can make a big diffrence in the game more fun not as if the game isnt fun enough i so far have come to really like the game the battlin is fun the choices are fun gms are great @_@ love to have fun ima person u like to hang around with i can control my temper well i dont go on a banning spree for no reason it has to be a critical reason for me to get mad or anything to ban someone so hope im glad u took time to read dis tx u alcuard and kon u to blank and my dog wanted to say hi lol! pig
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