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 Admin Gm Apps

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Blank Stifler

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PostSubject: Admin Gm Apps   Fri Jan 08 2010, 01:09

Real Name:
Name Key:
Name Game:
Why do u want to be a GM?
Why Should u be a GM?
Experience as GM (it dont care u put that u ever be a gm or some Games where u was gm,we can take gms with experience or gms noobs..)
What can u help u in the game?
What GM level do u think that u can have?
How long have u been playing the game?

(((= All the apps are Checked by Main Owner each weak, if u keep asking in game for check ur GM app, ur app going to be delete, all that u can say is that u made an app, no more ok?=)))
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Admin Gm Apps
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